Web Design in Gold Coast

“We not only design websites, we spotlight brands.”

At Gold Coast Website Designer, we aim at creating simple yet functional websites. We believe that simpler designs mean better experience and more engagement that eventually result in more conversions and leads.

Designs that Fulfill the Purpose

We keep this in mind in every step of the process. This is what is behind our creative solutions and creative skills. We constantly strive in looking for the opportunities that can improve your Internet presence. We listen, learn, sketch, click, compute and write code until we match your business’ needs.

Our Approach Is User Centered

It is paramount for a business to be user-centric; your website is meant for them so we design for them. Before we get start any project, we take the time to understand how, where and why customers will try to connect with you. This is what makes us good at what we do and helps us produce websites that create great user experiences.

Web Design Service

Our Web Design Services

Lead Generation Website Design

We specialize in designing lead generating websites. No matter which industry you belong to, our designs work to target your specific market and offer a quick overview of the features and advantages of your service. Our lead generation sites include:

  • Fast contact forms – so customers actually get in touch with you
  • Whitepapers and downloadable PDFs – if customers want more details of what you do
  • Newsletter sign up options – to keep your customers engaged throughout the year
  • Blog section – have your staff write interesting blog posts for your customers
  • Testimonials – customers will buy from you if they know others were happy with your services
  • Call to action buttons – we’ll use scientifically proven methods to entice customers to get in touch
  • Video functionalities – customers are accustomed to watch videos

“It’s All About Great Designs”

Website Design With a Focus on SEO

We design websites that are suitable for long-term organic SEO. We are aware of Google’s latest updates and what it takes to get listed on the first page. Therefore, our designs are also focus with Google in mind. Features of our SEO website designs are:

  • Clear messaging
  • Easy navigation
  • Informative
  • Responsive – to make your site viewable on mobile devices
  • Search engine friendly
  • Attractive logos
  • Cutting edge technologies

eCommerce Web Design

Your website is an extension of your brand and it should reflect that. The quality can be achieved only by matching the expectations of your targeted audience and we stick to this idea while designing your eCommerce site. We have a wealth of proven experience in designing online stores, both big and small. Being eCommerce website designers, we concentrate on defined call to action features so that visitors don’t get lost on your site and actually purchase your products. Some of the features of our eCommerce sites are:

  • Easy and secure checkout process
  • Merchant account
  • Complete product catalogues
  • Safe payment process
  • Edit options in shipping and tax settings
  • Inventory tracking
  • Built in SEO for all pages
  • Discounts and coupon codes

“Update Your Site Anytime You Want”

Responsive Design

website development service

It is expected that mobile search is going to exceed computer search by 2016 and if your website can not be properly viewed on mobile (buttons are not visible, the page doesn’t fit the size of the screen), your business may get affected in various ways. Building a responsive website is the smartest move that you can make.

What Is a Responsive Design?

In simple terms, the design of a web site will automatically adjust itself depending on the device that is being used to view the site.

Why Should You Go for a Responsive Website?

  • Responsive sites get extra preference from Google as they give users the best experience possible.
  • Websites that don’t have responsive designs will have a high bounce rate, meaning that users who land on your site via mobile searches will leave your site within a few seconds. It can certainly affect your rankings and your bottom line.
  • A responsive site is better than a mobile site as you don’t have to manage multiple websites, and users can navigate easily when a website has the same appearance on all devices.

Website Redesign

Google makes changes in its website requirements every now and then and even customer behaviours change at a rapid pace. Therefore, your old design that once was good enough might not work any more. This is the time to get a redesign and Gold Coast Website Designer can certainly help with our 17 years of experience.

“Cost Friendly Design Solutions for any Business”

Some Important Reasons to Have a Redesign

  • Your site is difficult to navigate.
  • Old website does not match you new or transformed business objectives.
  • Addition of new products and services require new functionalities.
  • Site visitors are not connecting to your brand or staying on your site.
  • You are not getting the amount of leads and revenue that you desire.

In these cases, having a conversion-focused website redesign can be the right path to choose to get you more leads and business.

Why Choose Us?

  • We conduct extensive research on your customers, your business, your competitors and the digital landscape
  • We provide a quality solution within a short timeframe
  • We provide a fully customized design specific to your business (no templates)
  • We produce search engine friendly websites
  • We use a customer focused design process
  • We use our 17 years of global marketing insights into our web designs
  • We are results focused
  • We provide timely updates, never leaving you in the dark
  • We ‘hand you the keys’ so you can easily manage your own website without having to pay for updates (no technical experience needed)

If you are looking to redesign your existing website or launch a new one, get in touch and we’ll take the time to understand your business, your customers, and your competitors to see how we can help you convert your web traffic to online leads. Once we understand your business goals, we’ll do the rest to make sure your online presence exceeds your expectations.