Want More User Engagement in 2017? Stay Updated about the Latest Design Trends.

Latest Web Design Trends for 2017

Needless to say that the performance of a website depends a lot on its design. But many times, even a good design fails to engage users. Do you know what makes the difference? It’s when the site was built. It may happen that your website looks good but it’s somewhat old fashioned when modern day user friendliness is considered.

Simply adding a stunning look to your website may not do it. You have to make it user friendly as well. And to have both these qualities, you must be aware of the latest design trends. Let’s check out some most promising ones that will rule 2017.

1. Mobile Friendliness

mobile friendliness

Design for small devices is absolutely necessary today. With the increasing number of mobile browses, a good number of companies are investing on designing websites that can work perfectly on smaller screens. Therefore, you should rush to get on board to compete here.

There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind when you are designing a site for mobile devices. One of the most important factors among them is large and clear call to actions. It becomes difficult some times to browse on a mobile phone. But large and clear buttons make it easier for the users to click on.

Another much-needed quality of a mobile friendly design is the click to call functionality. Mostly, people prefer surfing the internet from mobile devices to reach your business easily. And the click to call functionality is one of the easiest ways to let people do that.

Lastly, if you have a physical store, inclusion of a map on your website can be highly beneficial. Most of the time, people who surf from mobiles are away from home and look for the stores they need. Therefore, a location map along with GPS functionality can help users find your store without any difficulties.

2. Rapid Prototyping Tool

Rapid prototyping tools are the mostly used tools by UI and UX designers. They make it easier for a designer to quickly create high and low fidelity prototypes of a website so that the usability of it can be measured without writing code. They also let you know how the product will look and how it will work in a browser.

Some popular rapid prototyping tools are UXpin, Webflow, Marvel and Invision. If you think from the clients’ perspective, these tools are very useful as there’s no need of client static wireframes and mock-ups.

3. Illustrations


If you want to create a versatile design that has a close connection with fun, there’s nothing better than illustrations. Using them artistically can lead you to a personalized design with the voice of your brand. These illustrations can add a fantastic appearance to your website when used in large header images or in animated visuals.

You can have a look at Dribble to see the types of illustrations that the big companies are using today. It can really help you learn the trends and styles that will gain popularity.

4. Bold and Beautiful Texts

bold & beautiful texts

The bold use of text is very important to clarify what you are providing. But you need to keep in mind that the boldness should never harm the beauty of your website. The text should also have the quality to evoke the emotion of the people. If you are targeting mobile users, you need to pay some extra attention to the typography of your website. You should manage the space in such a way that all the information becomes clearly visible even on a small screen.

5. Animations


With the advancement of web design, the use of static images is being minimized day by day. Most of the designers are looking for new ways to engage users. The use of animations is one of the most popular amongst them. The reason that makes it so popular is that it can be beautifully used to tell the story of your brand and engage more customers.

Animation is also great for tiny loading devices as it can entertain the users while the content’s being loaded. You can also use it in full screens so that it can work with the scrolling or can be the focal point of the website.

6. Videos

Videos are excellent if you want to catch the attention of the users and provide a lot of information within a short span of time. The dynamic options added with sound and movement appeal to the senses the most and hold the attention of the users. All you need to keep in mind before adding a video to your website is that it has an attractive image so that the users feel like clicking on it.

There you are with some of the latest designing trends that are gaining popularity day by day and can be the catalysts to increase the user engagement on your website. All these trends might not be relevant to your business. So, choose wisely and enjoy your online journey this year.

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