PPC Management in Gold Coast

Want to get targeted traffic? Consider PPC advertising

Gold Coast Website Designer is a professional and experienced PPC agency that can help your business grow by improving ROI through effective PPC campaigns. We take pride being the official partners of the leading search engines and being aware of the latest trends, tools and techniques. All paid search marketing programs offered by us are cost friendly and highly effective. We understand the auction mechanism and take any necessary steps to reduce the total cost of campaigns so you get the most clicks with the least cost. Let us help you get your business on top of the search results without investing a huge sum of money.

What is PPC Marketing?

PPC is one of the quickest and easiest ways to advertise your site on Google. What is special about this marketing is that if people search for a product and service of your niche, there is a high probability that they visit your site as you will be ahead of the organic results competing with a few paid listings.

How Does It Work?

You bid for specific keywords related to your business. The price of the keyword bidding depends on its popularity. Once you are done with bidding, your ad will be shown every time a user searches for your keyword and you will pay based on the number of clicks made on the ad.

Great ROI from Paid Search

Our dedicated industry-savvy professionals are experts at managing client campaigns, controlling budgets and bidding strategies. Get ready to earn a great ROI.

What We Do?

PPC Text Ads

If you have a PPC account, you need to consider the text ads first. We bid on the keywords meant for achieving the maximum ROI. At the same time, we build a strategy to ensure that the commercial targets (targeted audience and targeted market) are matched.

Managing Bids

We constantly monitor your keyword bids to maximize your ROI. Even if you have thousands of products, we are there to keep an eye on all the ads. We have a strong bid management system that automatically repositions your ads according to the changes (price and availability) made by your competitors. Therefore assuring that you are going to get the most effective PPC campaign.

Analytics and Reporting

With us, you will get regular reports, focused on clear and sensible metrics. We also remove unnecessary industry jargon to make it easy for you to comprehend the success of your PPC campaign. We know that there are different opinions regarding PPC advertisements which might be confusing to business owners. We speak with our clients in simple language and explain the techniques that we will undertake to optimize the campaign.

Campaign Expansion

Your industry is continuously evolving and so is the search market. And with this, customer behaviour and search patterns are also changing. Therefore, it is quite natural that the most popular keywords of 2015 may not work in 2016. You have to change your marketing strategies from time to time. Along with the most popular keywords, we keep a close eye on the latest search terms and accordingly add new keywords to your PPC campaign.

Ad copy

We test multiple ad copy variations so that the ads that can deliver the highest click-through and conversion rates can be determined.


We use proprietary and customized tools to track online PPC advertisements. From this, you will come to know which keywords, ads and creatives are working and can remove those that you don’t feel are working.

Our Specialties

  • Handling Adwords accounts
  • Reviewing accounts and fixing goals
  • Geo-Targeting
  • Manual phone tracking within Google AdWords
Keyword Selection

We discover and select the most promising keywords that match your PPC budget.

PPC Submissions

We submit keywords and creatives on your behalf. We sort and update the data to modify your campaign.

PPC Reports

We deliver regular PPC campaign reports that will let you know whether the campaign is generating traffic.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are cost effective. We make sure that you are only paying for the customers that click on your ad.
  • We run targeted PPC campaigns. We focus on users from specific fields related to your genre with probabilities to convert traffic into customers.
  • We are able to increase your revenue and lead generation without inflating your budget.
  • We are responsible for complete campaign planning.
  • We do Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn PPC and retargeting campaigns.
  • We optimize the landing pages according to the campaign requirements.

If it’s a good ROI that you are after, look no further than our PPC marketing services. Get in touch and learn how we can help you.