How to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Website?

conversion rate

The competition in the field of digital marketing is ever increasing and thus, it’s getting difficult for a business to grow in a quick span. What you need to ensure is that the design of your website converts the visitors right away, without giving them much time to check for other options. Here are the ways that can help you boost your website’s conversion rate effectively.

Improve Page Load Speed

Slow page loading is one of the biggest reasons of website abandonment. According to the stats, 40% people leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Therefore, it’s utmost necessary for you to develop a fast loading website so that the users don’t get the chance to abandon your website and look for other options.

Improve the Readability

There are several instances that users leave a website just because it’s difficult to make out what the contents say. When it’s about readability, you are not done just by selecting right type of fonts and keeping them aligned. You also need to think of the color contrast of your website. If the background is dark in color, it’s better to use light colored texts. A white background is always preferred if there are a lot of contents on your site. Apart from this, you have to make sure that the contents look good on all types of devices.

Use High Quality Images

An image tells a thousand words and at the very same time shows your creativity. And if it’s a product based site, you need to use a lot of them as these are the only things that customer would see before making a purchase. Therefore, use high quality images that display your products in the best way. If you provide services, use images of your office and staff as this would improve the authenticity of your business.

Use Videos

Video is one of the most engaging contents across various social media channels. And thus, there’s a huge possibility of high engagement if there are relevant videos on your website. You can demonstrate your products to your users using videos. You can also teach people your process of work or offer a series of tutorials related to your industry through videos. Even, you can upload videos containing client testimonials to build trust among new users.

Related Searches

If you run an eCommerce store, then showing related products can do a wonder for you. There may be situations when the products that are searched for are out of stock or not available. In such conditions, you can offer related products instead of leaving them disappointed. It will not only increase the product views but also make customers interested and in other products that you are offering.

Emails and Newsletters

Though there are various marketing options available, email marketing is still considered as one of the most useful mediums of business communication. Most of the eCommerce stores invest in newsletter design as there’s a lot of opportunities of getting clicks and conversions. Besides, email marketing offers the opportunity to remarket by offering products related to their recent searches.

Keep in mind that personalization is the key to online success. Offer people with personalized results. Display ads or products based on their search history. You will be right on your way towards improving the conversion rate of your website.

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