How to Design Email and Newsletters in 2017

Newsletter Design

Email marketing is a great way to remarket your products and services. Through this, you can retarget the customers who might have abandoned your cart or just left right after visiting your website. It’s also an effective way to increase your up-selling and cross-selling. And to do this effectively, you should concentrate more on designing emails and newsletters. Let’s learn about some hot design trends for 2017.

Make it Simple and Precise

Newsletters are meant to be printed and in most cases they are designed for education al purposes. And people will only care about reading your newsletters when it looks attractive, yet simple. Any information in it should not be difficult to find. To get this done right, just follow these tips.

Suppose you have designed three clickable buttons linked to three different blog posts in your site. The first one will have most of the clicks and the following ones will hardly get views. Apart from this, the overall design of the newsletter will be somewhat complicated along with difficulties to separate each button. Instead of this, create separate designs for each blog that gets posted on your site and try to make it as clear as possible with a highlight on the topic of the blog and the clickable link.

Segment Your Audience

In today’s email marketing campaigns, the most important thing is how well you segment your audience and personalize your designs based on that. It’s not enough today to just collect email addresses and notify your users. You should collect data regarding their interests and locations that would help you create personalized designs. After that, categorize the people that you want to target and add specific answers to the queries that they might be looking for. You can further segment your audience based on the interactions they have with you.

Highlight Every Snippet

Too much information in a newsletter makes people confused. They find it difficult to decide what to click on. To make it easy for them, you should invest more time on designing snippets that can attract the full attention of viewers. Just keep in mind that the email quickly tells the users what they will get after clicking on the link. This is a great way if a product gets launched. Through this, you can tell your audience about the features of your product and can also add a quick view link to it.

Consider Mobile Devices

No matter how well the newsletter has been designed, if it doesn’t look good on mobile devices, you are likely to lose a good number of potential clicks. A lot of emails are opened today from mobile devices and to grasp the mobile users, you should pay more attention to the following details.

  • Subject lines should not be more than 40 characters.
  • Try to add a single column as they look great on mobiles.
  • The images used in the newsletter should be compressed as much as possible.
  • Lastly, keep your design short and sharp, excluding all unnecessary content.

Just follow these above-mentioned tips and you will be right on your way towards designing clickable emails and newsletters in 2017.

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