What is keyword analysis?

This is the very first step of SEO. To rank on top, it’s more effective to have your web site shown for terms that users are searching for. This is where keyword analysis comes to play. Our keyword analysis process involves choosing popular keywords within your industry so that you become visible to more and more people.

Can I get a top ranking using a single keyword?

It’s a very competitive digital world out there and getting a high ranking with a single keyword is very difficult. Therefore, it is better to target two or three keyword phrases. For example “software services” is better than “software” and “software development services” is better still.

I have a good ranking in Yahoo, but can’t find myself in Google.

Yahoo and Google have different algorithms and come up with different SERPs. They even pay attention to different factors to rank a website. Therefore, you need to optimize your website differently to get a good place in both search engines.

How long would search engines take to index my website?

It depends on different search engines. Generally, most search engines index a website within a week.

In which search engines will you optimize my site for?

We will optimize your site in all major search engines, namely Google, Yahoo and Bing.

How long would it take to complete the optimization process?

It entirely depends on the site. A 10-page website without much competition would naturally take less time than a 300-page site with a good amount of competition.

Do you guarantee SEO ranking?

There is no SEO company that can guarantee ranks because rankings not only depend on proper SEO methods. Several other factors like site structure, site authority and number of backlinks are considered by the search engines to give you a higher rank. Often search engines change their algorithms that can also cause a rank drop. But we guarantee a definite ranking improvement that you will notice right after using our service.

Who creates the content?

We have a specialist team of content writers who are assigned to writing varied content that include PDFs, Press Releases, Blogs, Classifieds, Snippets and On Page Contents. You can also develop content yourself and give it to us for optimization.

How can I check the backlinks created by you to promote my business?

You can check the backlinks created by us by signing into Google Search Console. In the dashboard of Google Search Console, click on “Traffic” in the sidebar and choose “links to your site”. From there you can have the option to download the list of backlinks.

Why don’t the rankings in the SERP match the rankings mentioned in the report?

This is because the ranks change on a daily basis and vary depending on the location and browsing history. Therefore, the results mentioned in the report may not match the rankings in SERPs.

What is Black Hat technique?

The search engine positioning tactics determined unethical by the search engines are considered as black hat techniques. These techniques can yield negative results and even your site can be blacklisted. We follow completely authentic methods and you can rest assured that all our steps are meant for the escalation of your website’s ranking and bringing more business.

My competitors are following Black Hat techniques. Why are they ranking?

There are some spam techniques that cannot be detected easily, even by the major search engines and the hackers find out new ways if the previous ones get detected. The moment the algorithm changes to detect new spam methods, the site will experience a rank drop and even can get blacklisted or penalized.

Therefore, don’t worry if your competitors are doing well using black hat techniques. It is actually a temporary position that they are acquiring right now.

Do I need to visit your office?

Not necessarily. Online & telephone conversations will do it. But if you find it difficult to understand our process this way, or you prefer a face-to-face discussion, you can always ask for a consultation in the Gold Coast.

I have a business in another country. Can you still provide your services?

Yes. We provide our services to any part of the world. We have clients in other  countries like USA and Canada.


How Would I Be Charged When Someone Clicks on My Ad?

When someone clicks on your ad, you need to pay the bid price for the specific keyword. You also need to fix a total daily budget amount. The bid price can vary depending on the keywords you choose. Generally, the keywords that are highly competitive have a high bid price. You can also have keywords for 0.10$ which is the minimum bid price. With Gold Coast Website Designer you will have the support to determine a suitable budget for your campaign.

What Is Google AdWords?

Google AdWords is a leading sponsored search placement program. You can select your keywords, create your own ads and publish them on Google along with its partner sites and content network. It is the fastest way to make your ads live.

What If I Already Use Google AdWords?

It’s okay if you have already created an account. We will have a look at the current results and keyword usage before implementing our methods. The account may have some valuable information that we can use for better results.

Why Should I Pay for Search Engine Results?

The reason behind the increasing popularity of PPC is that organic optimization has become very difficult and it is also time-consuming to get a place in the search engine results through free marketing. But PPC marketing can provide a fast result in comparatively low competition and it is also able to improve the organic ranking.

What Are the Basic Elements to Run a PPC Ad?

To start with PPC ads, it is better to opt for text ads. You can also have options like banners, videos and product listings. While getting started, you need to keep these basic elements in mind.

  • Headline: You should write a short and attention-grabbing headline.
  • Display URL: This is the link that users can view when your ad is visible in the search engine results. You can customize the URL according to your ad to draw the attention of the searchers.
  • Destination URL: This is the URL that you want the users to visit once they click on your ad.
  • Description: You have to write a description in a few words to allure searchers to click on your ad.

How Can I Find the Best Keywords to Use For My Ad?

While creating your ad you need to choose a set of keywords that will help your ad to appear in the search results whenever people search using the selected keywords. The performance of your ad entirely entirely on the keywords. Therefore, you need to be very choosy. Google Keyword Planner Tool can help you select your keywords.

What Is Keyword Match?

Apart from selecting the keywords, you also need to set the match type of the keywords. You need to be aware of these five types of keyword matches.

  • Broad Match: It is the default match type that covers all related search terms including misspellings, synonyms and relevant terms. For example, if you have selected the keyword ‘software development’, your ad may appear when people search for ‘software development services’.
  • Broad Match Modifier: The keywords selected in this category may appear when people search with the additional terms or close variations, but not synonyms. For example, your keyword ‘software development’ may appear when ‘software developer’ is searched.
  • Phrase Match: If you have selected keywords under this category, your ad will be visible when phrases including your keywords are typed in the search box. For instance, if your keyword is ‘software development’ it may be visible when the keyword ‘best software development services’ is searched.
  • Exact Match: If you have selected some keywords under the exact match category, they will appear on search results that match the keywords completely or the terms that have close variations (misspellings, acronyms and stemmings) of that term. For example, if your keyword is ‘software development’, your ad will appear in the search results like ‘software development’, ‘software developer’ etc.
  • Negative Match: The words selected in this category will never appear with your ad. For example, if you have selected the word ‘cheap”, your ad containing the keyword ‘software development’ will not appear when people search for ‘cheap software development’.

How to Target My PPC Ad?

There are three basic targeting options you have.

Location: You can target people residing in a particular geographical area.

Device: You can target people who use different devices like smartphones and computers.

Language: You are also able to target people speaking a specific language.

How Long Would It Take to Display My Ads?

The ad campaign created by you is reviewed by Google and then it becomes live. Generally, it takes one business day to get your ad reviewed and approved but if you want your ad to be live on a particular day, it is better to create your campaign at least a week in advance.

How Would I Know How Well My Ads Are Doing (if managed by an Agency)?

To know whether you are getting desired results you need to find the answers to the following questions.

  • Is the targeted KPI (Key Performance Indicator) reached?
  • Is the entire process clear to you?
  • Do you have access of all network accounts used for the campaign?
  • Do you find changes in the performance report provided by them?

Can You Control Activity in Different Countries?

Yes. We run international paid search campaigns and can handle activities required for different languages. We are also associated with renowned translation companies that make our tasks easier.

Do You Run Paid Campaigns Outside Google?

Yes. If we notice that advertising outside Google is beneficial for specific businesses, we encourage our clients to do that. Apart from Google, we work with Facebook, YouTube, Bing Ads, Yahoo, Amazon, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Web Design FAQ

How Much Does a Website Cost?

Short answer – it depends. There are several factors (nature of the website, design, number of pages, features and functionalities) that determine the cost of a website. For example, a website with a lot of animated graphics or an ecommerce portal will definitely cost more than a less animated information portal or simple corporate site. To have a better idea, tell us your requirements and we’ll be able to provide an accurate quote.

How Long Would It Take to Design a Website?

The time to create your website depends on the size and functionalities of it. Generally, it takes 4 to 5 weeks to build a basic website but if you want to have it customized and included with complex functionalities and features, it will take longer.

Do You Build Mobile-Friendly Websites?

Yes, we build responsive and mobile friendly websites that run on all kinds of devices like desktops, mobiles and tablets.

Do You Build eCommerce Websites?

Yes. With our highly advanced content management system, we can not only build eCommerce sites with the latest features, but we can also host your online store and set up all essential security features so that your customer details remain safe and secure.

What Kind of Hosting Do I Need for My WordPress Site?

The most suitable server for WordPress sites is Linux with PHP capabilities. Generally, all hosting companies support these requirements. If you want to learn about support offered by hosting companies, we can assist you.

Is WordPress Just for Blogging?

No. WordPress began its journey with a blogging package, but now it has become a complete CMS (content management system) that has gained worldwide popularity for both blogs and corporate websites. Some renowned companies that have chosen WordPress for their sites are CNN, The New York Times, Katy Perry, The Ford Story, MTV Newsroom and WSJ Magazine.

Will I Be Able to Update My WordPress Site after Its Launch?

What’s great about the WordPress sites is the ease of use. No matter what kind of WordPress site you want to build, a one-hour training session will let you know everything about updating, adding pages and uploading. If you still don’t want to maintain your site yourself, we can provide maintenance services.

Do You Work with Other Platforms like Joomla and Drupal?

Yes. We work with all platforms.

What Is CMS (Content Management System)?

CMS helps you manage the content of your website without using any additional software. Even a non-technical person can handle a website with CMS that enables you to add new pages, upload images and videos very easily.

Do You Provide CMS Training?

Yes. We train our clients to maintain their own sites via CMS.

Do You Write Content for Websites?

Yes. We have a team of experienced and talented copywriters who can write content according to your business requirements.

Do You Design Logos?

Yes. Our skilled designers are not only expert at designing excellent websites but also they are efficient at designing unique logos.

In Which Format Do I Need to Supply Images?

We prefer images in JPEG, GIF or BMP format. If you send us higher resolution photos, it will ensure images maintain their high quality on a website even while zooming or enlarging the image.

Will You Source Photos for My Website?

Yes, we can source photos for your website. We also have a team of professional photographers who are able to produce custom photographs and videos.

Do You Customize Existing Themes?

Yes. With us, you can have an expert team of WordPress coders who can help you with WordPress installations, theme configurations, customizations and plugin updates and support.

Do You Build Search Engine Friendly Websites?

We build websites following Google’s guidelines for organic SEO. We generate a sitemap.xml file so that search engines like Google and Bing can crawl your website. We also create a 301 redirect file that helps search engines and users find new pages that are built on the basis of older and already indexed pages.

What Kind of Businesses Do You Work with?

We work with all types of businesses (start-ups, small businesses, large corporations, B2C, B2B and more).

Will You Provide a Full Backup of My Site?

Yes. You own everything we create for you, and if requested, we will provide a complete backup of your website.

Can I See the Number of Visits to My Website?

Yes. You can set up a free Google Analytics account that will give you all the necessary details about your website visits.

Can I Make Changes to My Website After It Is Live?

Yes. We give you access to your website and train you on how to update it so you can make changes to it anytime.

Do You Place Ads on My Site?

No. We don’t place ads on your website unless we are requested to do so.

What Browsers Will My Site Work on?

After the completion of the design, we check your website on desktops, mobiles and tablets and make sure that they run perfectly on all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.