Everything You Should Know about White Space

White Space

White space, also known as negative space is actually a vacant area surrounding the objects on a page. The elements mainly used in white spaces are margins, paddings, gutters, space around images, graphic objects, line spacing and letter spacing within the text content. In one word white spaces are nothing but the blank areas on a web page but they are undoubtedly essential these days as far as web design is considered. They add value to the interfaces and help the front elements display in a better way. Here, you will find the benefits to use white space on your website.

Improved Readability

White space makes it easy for the visitors to go through the content on a landing page. Not having sufficient space between the lines can disinterest the users while properly used white space is proven to increase the text comprehension up to 20%. So, to make your content readable to the user, you need to maintain a perfect balance between the paragraph margins and line spacing. What you need to keep in mind is that the larger the spacing, the better user experience can be added to a landing page.

Attracting Attention

White space can also be used to show what’s most important for a website. There’s a relationship between distance and attention. To catch the attention of the users, you need to keep the elements in a decent distance. This is when white space plays its role. You can add an extra padding around a particular element to force the user’s attention onto that specific region. The viewer will automatically have a look at it as there’s nothing else to see. Therefore, the more white space means the more attention on a single element.

Users Love White Space

Most of the website owners have a lot to say and they primarily try to make visible everything on a single page. What they miss is that users don’t have much time to have a look at all your features, services and products at a time. Therefore, understanding the user behavior is very crucial. If you look at the two popular search engines Google and Yahoo, you will find that they take completely different approaches to design their primary web pages. While there’s a lot of white space used by Google, Yahoo tries to exhibit all its products and features on a single page. It’s not difficult to decide which is more appealing.

Visual Flow

Using white space properly ensures a perfect flow and balance. This is a sole reason behind having a good communication between the users and design. It creates a symmetry which is responsible for making the design memorable.

To conclude it can be said that white space isn’t a waste. It’s an effective web designing tool that can enhance the value of every bit of your website. If used properly, it can yield you some extraordinary layouts. Therefore, don’t just add a lot of objects. Make smart use of white space and create visually appealing designs.

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