What Is the Difference between Web Design and Web Development?

web design vs web development

People often get confused between the terms web design and web development. Some think that designers create the websites and some believe that developers are the only hand behind a site. But the reality is that both the terms have different meanings. And for you who might be looking for a web design or a redesign service, it is out and out necessary to learn the difference between both the jobs in order to make a smart decision. So, let’s go and get all your confusions solved.

What is Web Designing?

Website designers are the actual source of creativity behind a website. They mainly come up with the visual designs based on customer requirements and user-friendliness. They are primarily assigned for creating the front-end visuals of a website. They are more concerned with how users interact with the site and develop the pages accordingly.

Responsibilities of a Web Designer

  • Executing all design stages from scratch to completion.
  • Contemplating the ideas for web design and implementing them keeping the simplicity.
  • Creating storyboards, the process of user flows and sitemaps so that users can interact easily.
  • Building design guidelines, best practices and standards.

What Is Web Development?

When it comes to web development, there are mainly two types of works – front end development and back end development. Front end developers are mainly responsible for creating the codes that build the visual design. They are skilled in HTML, CSS along with Javascript that are required to create the layouts and styles of a website.

The back end developers deal with more advanced the programming languages. They are primarily assigned for implementing the ways users interact with the website. For example, a back end developer customizes the payment process so that it becomes easy for the users to complete the transactions and thereby the cart abandonment rate can be reduced. For a back-end developer, knowledge in programming language is the key. They should be able to handle the database and different API keys. They should not only be able to work without the help of plugins. Instead, they should try and develop plugins to improve the functions of a website.

Responsibilities of a Web Developer

  • Writing testable codes maintaining the best software development practices.
  • Integrating data from back-end and database.
  • Documenting software.
  • Scaling and expanding websites.
  • Staying connected with the latest technology and industry standards

How to Decide If you Need a Web Designer or a Developer?

There may be several occasions when you need a designer or a developer or both. Find out how you should decide.

A Designer Is Needed When

  • You want to improve the appearance of an existing site
  • You need a redesign
  • You require some fresh graphics
  • You need to update sitemaps and navigation bars

A Developer Is Needed When

  • You want to create a new website from scratch
  • You need data management services for an eCommerce business
  • You want to create website using PHP, Javascript, Pearl, Rubi etc
  • You want to improve the security of your site.
  • You need to use HTML or CSS to bring designers’ concept to life.

This is it. Identify your requirement now and hunt for the right person to get it done.

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