How to Design the Service Pages of Your Website?

how to design a service page

It’s not always that your visitors will land on the home page. They may also find your service page on Google search and land directly on it. Therefore, investing all your creativity only on creating the home page won’t do the trick. You need to understand your users’ behaviour and design the service pages accordingly so that they can convert into sales. Here are some of the most essential service page designing tips that can help you gain more business.

Introduce Your Business

Introduce your business with a brief description of the services you offer so that it becomes easier for the audience to identify who you are. Then you can add a more detailed description of your services. You should also highlight the benefits that your customers can have by using your services. You may include an FAQ section so that you can appeal directly to the pain points of the customers and make them believe that you have the right solution to fulfill their demand.

Explain Who Your Ideal Client Is

Next you can discuss who your ideal client can be and show the industries that generally prefer your services and get benefits. You can also add some of the past clients who have already used your services. It is also beneficial to share the success stories of your clients and explain how your services helped them.

Testimonials Section

Keep a specific section in the service page for testimonials. Ask your clients for their reviews. Nothing is more convincing than getting recommended from customers. The customer reviews will tell your visitors what to expect from you and what you are specialized in. You can also put links to your Google My Business reviews and Facebook reviews to make your testimonials stronger.

Include a Pricing Section

There are a lot of website designs that don’t have a pricing section or a page. It’s mainly because their prices may differ based on the client’s requirement. But you should give your audience some kind of an idea about your charges as often potential clients leave websites because they can’t determine how you are going to charge them. So, it’s better to include the services that show your level of transparency. It is recommended that you should mention price range variations to avoid wasting time with the customers who can not afford your services.

Add Call to Action

Now that you are done with highlighting your services and their benefits, you can expect an action from the users’ end. Therefore, you need to add a call to action to let your audience take a step. You should also explain to them how to proceed if they want more information regarding a specific service.

Show Your Contact Details

Last but not the least, you should add your contact details to your page so that users can contact you directly. Apart from this, you can embed your Google Map to the service page so that the users can come to know that you have a physical location and that you are authentic.

Keep in mind that the more you tailor your service page, the more you can attract people who need your services. Make sure that your service page is both professional and informative so that it can stand out from others in your niche.

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