How to Boost up the Loading Speed of Your Website?

According to kissmetrics, 47% users want a website to load within 2 seconds and 40% people leave a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. A delay of a single second can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. But don't stress. There are ways to improve your website’s loading speed and thereby engage more users. Let’s begin: Go for a Lighter Version of Your Site This is the very first task you need to do. Heavy web pages often result in long loading times. Therefore, you need to Read more [...]

How Online Reviews Can Impact Digital Marketing

Behind every successful business, there are recommendations and this is true even for online selling. But as you are running a virtual store, it’s quite natural that there won’t be any handwritten snail mail recommendations coming to you in the post. All you have to rely on are the online reviews that your website gains from your customers. With the passage of time and a brand's focus on managing their reputation, the importance of online reviews is getting more and more important. Read more [...]

5 Much Needed Web Designing Tools in 2017

Is your website not giving you results as you had wished? Is the bounce rate increasing even after making everything right from a marketing perspective and achieving good rankings in search engines? The reason might be issues related to the design of your website. There are several instances when a website fails to perform well because of its poor design that makes users bounce right after visiting the site. These issues may have been going on for a long time, but 2017 is upon us so let's make Read more [...]

WordPress is Implementing HTTPS. How is It Going to Benefit You?

Is your website in WordPress? Then, there’s some great news for you. WordPress is getting more secure with the mandatory implementation of HTTPS that ensures an encrypted link between your server and browser. It’s been recently announced by WordPress and they also acknowledge that the changes are going to be a bit difficult for users to deal with. But you can be certain of the fact that your website will be more secure. According to reports, within the first quarter of 2017, WordPress Read more [...]

What Qualities Your Thank You Page Should Have?

Apparently, there’s not much role of a thank you page in the increase of your sale as they are shown when the visitor has already been converted. But a deeper perspective reveals that there’s a huge value of it when it’s a matter of user satisfaction. It’s more psychological than physical. It reflects the good manners of your company and cements up your relationship with the customers. It also shows consideration for a user and humanizes the digital experience that he might not have expected. Therefore, Read more [...]

Magento or WooCommerce? Which One is Most Suitable for Your eCommerce Store?

There’s no doubt that people’s interest towards online shopping is increasing day by day. According to a report by Fortune, 51% of shoppers purchase products online compared to 48% and 47% in 2015 and 2014 respectively. Therefore, it’s very natural for businesses to join online selling to maximise their profits. But before you jump into this massive online world, you have to ensure that you've covered all your steps on your way to success. Otherwise, you may face some major issues. The Read more [...]

Love Those Top Viral Videos on YouTube? Learn What Made Them So Popular

Are you a small business that's interested in video marketing? How about if you find one morning that one of your videos gets listed in the top viral videos list? Wouldn't it be great? You might have started out on YouTube with this dream and tried several ways to fulfill your wish. You might have read or viewed several blogs and videos to master the art of video marketing. But none of those may have helped. Do you know why? We'll take the guess work out and provide some tips below that by analyzing Read more [...]

Smart Tricks to Increase Your Sale on Social Media Platforms

These days, people spend more time on social media sites than any other medium of entertainment. These platforms are not only limited to mere social communication but they also serve people with all sorts of amusements. Thus, it’s always advantageous to focus on social media to increase your sales. Before the invention of the Internet, and more specifically the social media channels, people depended on the trustworthiness of a brand or salesperson before they bought a product. But now, Facebook Read more [...]

Google Trends- The Intelligent Way to Market Your Business

Google Trends came into existence on August 8, 2008, with the aim of letting users know how often a word or phrase is used within a specific period of time and a particular region. If you are responsible for marketing your products or services, you might have already started thinking about making a delicious dish with it. You are definitely on the right path as it can certainly benefit your business a lot. Now, what matters is an easy and effective way to prepare the dish. Below, we'll share some Read more [...]

Going to Build a Website? Here’s the Base for You.

Standing amidst the digitally influenced world, you should always think of the ways to introduce your business online. To do that, listing your business in the directory sites and promoting it through social media platforms can certainly be beneficial and economic. But when it’s a matter of digital recognition, there’s nothing better than getting a website of your own. You being a technical guy may think that it’s going to be an uphill walk to build a website yourself. It really was even a Read more [...]