5 Basic Elements of Web Design

Your website is your online store. This is what is mainly responsible for making your users click further on your landing page and go for a purchase. Thus, every single aspect of web designing should be given high importance. To start with the creation process, you need to think about the most basic elements upon which the overall look and feel of your website depend a lot. Here’s a brief discussion to help you create a better layout. Colour Scheme No matter, how good graphics you have added Read more [...]

Everything You Should Know about White Space

White space, also known as negative space is actually a vacant area surrounding the objects on a page. The elements mainly used in white spaces are margins, paddings, gutters, space around images, graphic objects, line spacing and letter spacing within the text content. In one word white spaces are nothing but the blank areas on a web page but they are undoubtedly essential these days as far as web design is considered. They add value to the interfaces and help the front elements display in a Read more [...]

How to Design the Service Pages of Your Website?

It’s not always that your visitors will land on the home page. They may also find your service page on Google search and land directly on it. Therefore, investing all your creativity only on creating the home page won’t do the trick. You need to understand your users’ behaviour and design the service pages accordingly so that they can convert into sales. Here are some of the most essential service page designing tips that can help you gain more business. Introduce Your Business Introduce Read more [...]

6 Hot Mobile Website Design Trends for 2017

As far as the field of digital marketing is concerned, mobile is in charge now. According to Google, more than 50% of search queries across the world are now made from mobile devices. So, there’s a huge reason that you should be aware of the latest mobile design trends and create the mobile version of your site accordingly. Here are the top features of mobile design that became popular in a quick span of time. Parallax Scrolling Parallax effect is very popular with users today. It looks Read more [...]

How to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Website?

The competition in the field of digital marketing is ever increasing and thus, it’s getting difficult for a business to grow in a quick span. What you need to ensure is that the design of your website converts the visitors right away, without giving them much time to check for other options. Here are the ways that can help you boost your website’s conversion rate effectively. Improve Page Load Speed Slow page loading is one of the biggest reasons of website abandonment. According to the Read more [...]

What Is the Difference between Web Design and Web Development?

People often get confused between the terms web design and web development. Some think that designers create the websites and some believe that developers are the only hand behind a site. But the reality is that both the terms have different meanings. And for you who might be looking for a web design or a redesign service, it is out and out necessary to learn the difference between both the jobs in order to make a smart decision. So, let’s go and get all your confusions solved. What is Web Read more [...]

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website Using Plugins?

WordPress is the most popular CMS in all over the word. The primary reason behind this popularity is the ease of using it. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge and skill to create a WordPress site and thus, a majority of the business owners prefer the platform for a DIY Project. But what prevents most of the WordPress websites run by non-technical persons from seeking the attention of the customers is the page load speed. According to the studies, if the average load speed of a website Read more [...]

How to Design Email and Newsletters in 2017

Email marketing is a great way to remarket your products and services. Through this, you can retarget the customers who might have abandoned your cart or just left right after visiting your website. It’s also an effective way to increase your up-selling and cross-selling. And to do this effectively, you should concentrate more on designing emails and newsletters. Let’s learn about some hot design trends for 2017. Make it Simple and Precise Newsletters are meant to be printed and in most Read more [...]

5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

So, we have reached the year 2017 and you must be eager to learn the new design trends. But do you know that web design issues are more effective when appealing to a viewer rather than the fact that the design itself is trendy or not? Therefore, if you are thinking of a website redesign, identify the mistakes that you have made in the past. Here are the most common web design mistakes are discussed. Make sure that your 2017 design doesn’t have any of them. Get Rid of the Free Design Addiction With Read more [...]

Want More User Engagement in 2017? Stay Updated about the Latest Design Trends.

Needless to say that the performance of a website depends a lot on its design. But many times, even a good design fails to engage users. Do you know what makes the difference? It’s when the site was built. It may happen that your website looks good but it’s somewhat old fashioned when modern day user friendliness is considered. Simply adding a stunning look to your website may not do it. You have to make it user friendly as well. And to have both these qualities, you must be aware of the latest Read more [...]