6 Hot Mobile Website Design Trends for 2017

mobile website design trends

As far as the field of digital marketing is concerned, mobile is in charge now. According to Google, more than 50% of search queries across the world are now made from mobile devices. So, there’s a huge reason that you should be aware of the latest mobile design trends and create the mobile version of your site accordingly. Here are the top features of mobile design that became popular in a quick span of time.

Parallax Scrolling

Parallax effect is very popular with users today. It looks attractive mainly because of certain areas that scroll independently in the background. It actually slows down the movement of the background image while keeping the front image at a normal pace.

Infinite Scroll

People love to scroll and that’s why the infinite scroll effect has been popular for quite some time. It allows users to go through the content just by scrolling rather than clicking the links every time. This is how people are allowed to view the all the content automatically. It also adds a smooth experience to the mobile interface and is great when you focus on touch optimization.

Blurred Images

Blurred images are great to create website backgrounds and give a professional look to a website. It’s a great way to emphasize the content in the front, no matter if it’s a written document or an attractive design. All you need to do is ensure that you are using a high-quality image that can be blurred and that the background image is in perfect contrast with the one in front.

Moving Elements

Websites look great with the elements that move automatically. You can add slider or self-scrolling images to draw attention directly to the information that you want your viewers to see. The zoom in, zoom out, fade in and drop down movements are very popular. You can even add a floating call to action button to your website so that users pay special attention to it.

Card Designs

Card designs are mostly used in fashion and products based websites. But they can add a great feel to various other types of websites as well. If you have a lead generation website, you can create a set of cards each containing a service name, an image and a read more button to lure users to click further and visit your service page.

High-Quality Images

You can’t think of an attractive web design without some high-quality images. They are a great way to engage users with your website and keep them on your site for a longer period of time. While photos of inanimate objects can leave an impact on the audience, photographs that capture smiles, laughter and other human activities work great as a medium of interaction.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the hot mobile design trends of 2017. They will help you determine which styles suit your website best to attract users who visit your site using mobiles.

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