5 Web Design Mistakes to Avoid in 2017

5 Web Design Mistakes To Avoid In 2017 (2)

So, we have reached the year 2017 and you must be eager to learn the new design trends. But do you know that web design issues are more effective when appealing to a viewer rather than the fact that the design itself is trendy or not? Therefore, if you are thinking of a website redesign, identify the mistakes that you have made in the past. Here are the most common web design mistakes are discussed. Make sure that your 2017 design doesn’t have any of them.

Get Rid of the Free Design Addiction

free web design addiction

With the advancement of content management systems, now you have the scope to get a lot of free designs into your website. But at the end of the day, those that are free and can’t match the functionalities of custom design. If you are an entrepreneur, you would find them handy but with the passage of time, you have to face the restrictions that they come with. And most importantly, a free design means compromising with the uniqueness of your website and your business. And who knows, you might even find a competitor’s website having the same theme installed. So, to enhance the brandability of your website, you have to get rid of the addiction of the free designs first. This is the first sign of a successful brand.

Say No to Unresponsive Designs

In 2017, there’s no way a website will succeed if it’s not compatible with all the devices that can access the Internet. The days are long gone when a website that looked good only on desktops attract visitors. It’s a fact that mobile users are larger in number today than desktop users. Now there’s no scope for a website to get success if it’s not responsive. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any kind of idleness regarding making your website friendly to all devices.

Never Miss to Add CTA Buttons

If you want your users to communicate with you instantly, there’s hardly anything better than placing CTA buttons in proper places. A website with a good call to actions should have social sharing buttons, comment buttons and obviously a purchase button. You also need to select proper places, especially in the areas where a user tends to hover most of the time.

Don’t Indulge in Multiple Windows and Pop ups

Opening up multiple windows and pop-ups isn’t a great idea if you are to redesign your website. It’s irritating to users who would refuse to stay on the site even if there’s a lot of good information. Therefore, try and free up your website from unnecessary elements.

Get a Prominent Social Presence

Social media sites offer a great business platform and not a single chance to be here should be missed. It helps to build your brand name and stay connected with users. Therefore, be prominent in social media. Don’t forget to add your social media links to your website and offer users the chance to share your contents on social media platforms.

The “to do” list doesn’t end here. There’s a lot of things that should be done. But still, these are some primary checkpoints that you need to keep your eyes on if you are building a website in 2017. So, try your best to make minimum mistakes to get engagement.

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